EP 47 ~ Japan, earthquake and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Diese Episode ist auf Englisch. To soothen the troubled minds of people who have lost family or friends by the earthquake or the following tsunami in Japan, and for all who are afraid of what might happen in the Fukushima nuclear power plants which might affect all of Japan and more, this is the first Einschlafen Podcast Episode in English after trying it out in Episode 1. I hope that it helps falling asleep anyone who is too troubled. I was watching Katz from Yokoso News who kept translating japanese news TV to english, so non-japanese can understand better what was going on. What I liked most about him was not only that he did this for over 16 hours until early in the morning (at least, that’s how long I watched him), but that he kept telling everyone to not panic, to act smart, and to calm down. In this sense, I want to contribute with this podcast episode so people can find their sleep easier. Maybe it helps, most likely rather not, but at least I wanted to try, that’s all I can do. Now, let’s all hope and pray or do whatever is in our mind, that the nuclear power plants stay intact and not even more horror comes over Japan than already came with the earthquake and the tsunami. Good night.

Japan, earthquake and The Picture of Dorian Gray - Episodenbild

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